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2005-07-25 - 10:34 a.m.

So I've been having vivid dreams all week long. Weird stuff.

My favorite: I'm in my nightgown on a bus in Toronto. I got on early to be sure that I was going to the right place for my job, since this was the first time I had ever been to Toronto. I had everything I needed on the seat next to me. Clothes, purse, shoes, briefcase. I had been chatting with the bus driver and he was super friendly. So I get off to see if it's my stop, leaving everything on the bus. I go back to get it, since it isn't and I see nothing. Then I realize that I'm on the wrong bus. I jump off and hop on the front bumper of the right bus until he stops. Okay, I'm opening it up. What the hell does all of THAT mean?

I think it has to do with me not taking my job seriously and that I probably should.

So I've decided to wrap up fan fiction for a while and rededicate myself to the books. I have three ideas. One is about 1/4 done. The other two are just solidly fleshed out.

So I'll finish the first one first, although it's almost 4 years old now. (WOW!) There are cultural references that I need to update (Say What Karaoke gets updated to American Idol.) Also, it needs to go from Omnicient narrator to first person, since that's what the Chick Lit folks prefer.

James and I are doing Body for Life. Well, he is. He's lost about 20 pounds and it getting all buff. He's a hottie. Me. I'm about the same. I don't work out like I should. I'm doing okay on the food plan, but not great.

Yesterday we had an 'Off' day. This is the day when you eat what you want. We had donuts for breakfast, Cheesecake Factory for lunch and Pappadeaux for dinner. Needless to day, there are two entirely uneaten entrees in the fridge. I had a bowl of bisque as a starter and when my Seafood Louis arrived, it was impossible to eat. Here's what I had eaten yesterday, you'll understand why:

2 donuts

Strawberry Margarita
2 pot stickers
1/2 of the world's largest chicken sandwich.
3 bites of Godiva cheesecake

Raspberry infused vodka lemonade
1 coconut shrimp
1 bowl lobster bisque
Three bites of world's largest salad

Gee, I wonder why I'm not losing weight?

Today I am going to try to return a dress to Macy's. It was $77 dollars and I was only able to wear it 4 times. One of the seams shredded, there's no way it can be fixed. I still have the tags for it, but I don't have the receipt. I'm hoping that if I give them my charge card that they can find it. I would prefer to have a replacement, that dress was comfortable and professional. You don't find stuff like that all the time. So I'm going to Macy's and Costco. Then I'm coming home to help James tidy up.

He's got two more weeks of school. Three test next week, then finals. I don't expect to see much of him. Although he is watching the scene from Kill Bill where Beatrice fights the Crazy Eights.

Go figure.


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